Sorry to say the release would be yet delayed from an expected date of late 2014. A lot has been happening to put me off track. I want to be happy with the final book in this series. I appreciate everyone’s patience and will post an update again in the new year.

Thanks for your continued support and I look forward to sharing my third book with fans of this trilogy.


Welcome to this site!

I initially set up New Tangent Publications thinking I needed a name to self publish and it stuck. Now, as you will gather, this site focuses mostly on the Those That Rise from Legend Series.

Those that Rise from Legend Trilogy :

The Cripple and the Staff (Book 1).

The Raven and the Plague (Book 2) 

Book 1: The Cripple and the Staff

No one knew they were there. A lame sorcerer’s apprentice learns he is one of them. Now he must face them.

Shale, an urchin deemed cursed, lives as an outcast until he is taken in by the ‘old man of the wood’.

The Elsiks, a hidden race of immortals living among mortals, are poised to make their return to their place of glory and dominance over mortals just as an old enemy returns after centuries of exile.

The mortals have remained blissfully ignorant of the existence of ancient immortal tribes. Fear then rises among mortal rulers as they discover the return of the ancient Dreln from exile. They turn to the deadly Staff of Amrod for defence, and a contest of magic is called to find a champion to wield the Staff against them. Little do they know how deadly the Elsiks can be.

The sorcerer sends Shale to the Magic Match to claim the staff. He finds himself in a challenge of his life as he discovers who he really is as he seeks to obtain the Staff. If he loses, he will be banned from the sorcerer`s tower but perhaps worst of all the Elsik may re-establish their dreadful grip on mortals.

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Reviews from readers:

“I started this book last night and didn’t want to put it down. I love the main character Shale…I have to say this book was amazing. I felt so much compassion for Shale. He reminded me of Drizzt, Harry Potter and Frodo all rolled into one. The writing was well done but I found I skimmed over some to the descriptions. I wanted to see what would happen next. I definitely will be picking up Part II. I can’t wait to find out what happens with Shale, Olivina and all the rest.” -  Judith Leger

“A dark and intriguing fantasy story about a world poised on being torn apart by the immortal tribes. We get strange ancient evil, dangerous enemies and deadly magic. I really liked the Elsiks as a concept as well as the Dreln…Well written and plotted out. The threat of the darkness and soon to arrive evil gives it a real edge over some of the more basic fantasy I’ve read recently. Well worth a read.”- Michael Thomas

“The opening of the book isn’t that great, and honestly — I’m not sure why it ended where it did, but after the first few pages one is lulled into an enjoyable and easy reading adventure that just flows wonderfully. The story is great — the fantasy isn’t too out there, it almost just stays in the background….this is a character development and adventure novel… Will definitely read the follow-up books if they are priced reasonably.” -Matthew Marlowe



I think somehow some readers didn’t get everything they expected from Book 2 – The Raven and the Plague -  some said it had too many angles. 

Well, it is different from book 1 in that it follows a few extra characters in order to illustrate the various events unfolding in different parts of the Five Kingdoms.

Book 3 is expected to narrow down a bit more to Shale and his companions once more. So I hope readers will stick with the series and wait to read book 3 to fully appreciate the trilogy.


Feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this or Book1 here.

Print versions of Book 1 are expected out soon, hopefully within a month. Print versions of Book 2, The Raven and the Plague should become available later in the year.

It’s finally out:

The Raven and the Plague, Book 2 of Those That Rise From Legend

Currently available on Amazon, coming soon on iTunes and the Nook. For the Kindle Version click here!


world with Fyre Goblins and Serpent Riders, with sunken cities and Seer towers, and with mortals and immortals. A world everyone wants for themselves.

The Five Kingdoms languish beneath the wiles of vengeful immortals, and only a small group feels able to take them on. Rogue immortals team up with a few mortal misfits to stand against the tide.

Shale, a young sorcerer, who recently discovered his immortal blood, sets out to seek his birthright. Together with his friends and a few rogue immortals, he prepares himself for the battle of their lives. They face the Dreln – savages gifted with elemental powers and the Elsiks – immortals that once ruled.

An old, reclusive sorcerer sets out with the belief that the ultimate weapon is still up for grabs and may be the solution to the land’s future.

The Elsiks appear to have the greatest advantage with the powerful Staff of Amrod, but the Dreln comes up with a nasty surprise for everyone.

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Since my book has been released a few people, (or to be correct, one person has made ) it known that the word ‘cripple’ is offensive. I am sorry this is the case. I must state that the word was never used to cause offence.  The word is part of the title because the character it concerns was given that name by others. In addition, I deliberately chose the main character to have a physical challenge to show that not only the able-bodied can be the hero and achieve feats as is often seen in most tales.

The word was also chosen to remain contextually relevant to the time period in which the story was set. In older times folk were less politically correct and would tend to use a word like ‘cripple’ to describe a person whom unfortunatley, did not have full use of their legs.

Besides, I believe that any word I may choose would not be good enough for some.  And so I repeat : The word has to be taken within the context of the time period and the storyline and was in now way intended to degrade or insult.